In order to apply for a puppy, you'll need to sign up. You can sign up when you're ready to apply for a puppy (this doesn't necessarily mean you are ready to take home a puppy right now, you can join waiting lists for future planned litters).

Signing Up

There are two main ways to sign up, the first being via the application process when you 'apply for a breed' from the breed explorer:

The second is by clicking the "Sign up" button in the top right-hand corner of the website.

Select "Parent - I'm looking for a puppy" to read our Tailwise Doggifesto. These represent our key beliefs in dog welfare and we ask all users who sign up to agree with the statements.


Passwordless Login

Once you've read our Doggifesto, tick the box to confirm that you've read it, enter your email address and click the Sign up button 🎉

Please check for an email with the subject: Your magic login code for Tailwise.

What is a "magic login code"?

We do not use passwords at Tailwise - instead to log in you simply provide your email address in our login form and you'll receive a time-limited login code.

Ensure you always use the latest magic code email and use it within 30 minutes of requesting it.

Please open the email with your magic login code and copy the six-digit number you see in the email.

Go back to the window where you signed up (it should now look like the image below), copy your six-digit verification code into the box, and click Log in.

That's it! You're signed up and ready to go.

We're here to help!

The Tailwise team is here to support you throughout this process 🙌

If you haven't heard from your breeder for a few days once they have approved your application, please pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll reach out to your breeder and give them a gentle nudge.

If you have any questions after speaking to a breeder or visiting them, please let us know. Likewise, if you have any questions about the process or need any help and advice, we're only ever a message away 👋

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