Ensure that you’ve thoroughly researched the breed that you have applied for - breeders won't want to sell their puppies to unprepared buyers.

Researching the breed

As a starting place we'd recommend:

  • Looking on UK breed club sites as they have lots of breed specific information available.

  • Talk to a local dog walker and/or dog trainer in your local area as they've likely to have lots of dog knowledge to share.

  • Most breeds have groups and pages on social media sites such as Facebook - have a look through these and some of the frequently brought up topics.

  • Most breeds will have several books written on them which you'll be able to buy online. Do some initial searching and see which ones have the best reviews.

  • Go to a Discover Dogs event.

  • Ask people you meet in the park whose dogs they admire. Most dog owners will be happy to talk about their pride of joy 😍

Making contact with the breeder

After you've applied to reserve a puppy from a Tailwise breeder, they should be in touch with you within seven days.

You'll need to be able to demonstrate that the breed that you have chosen is suited to your lifestyle and that you'll be able to offer the puppy a loving home.

Raising, socialising and training puppies is exhausting work. Recognising the work that breeders put into breeding and understanding that they truly want the best homes for their puppies will show you in the best light with breeders ❤️

Questions to ask

The first time you speak to a Breeder, you might want to ask:

  • How long have you been breeding?

  • How did you get into breeding dogs?

  • How many litters have you bred?

  • Will you be able to see the Mum and Dad?

  • How many puppies are in the litter?

  • Have the parents been health tested?

When you go and visit a puppy, you might want to ask:

  • Can you meet the Mum and Dad?

  • What are the puppies temperaments like?

  • Who reared the puppies?

  • Who is responsible for their care?

  • How have the puppies been socialised?

  • Have the puppies started training / toilet training?

  • What food does the puppy eat currently?

  • Will the puppy be microchipped / vaccinated before collection?

Please be sure to ask lots of questions! A breeder will never think badly of you for asking lots - they are experienced, passionate and knowledgeable in their breed(s) and will be more than happy to talk about their dogs to you 😄

This is your opportunity to ask all of the questions you've ever thought of and a chance to impress the breeder with your research, so use it wisely 🙌 .

We're here to help!

The Tailwise team is here to support you throughout this process 🙌

If you haven't heard from your breeder for a few days once they have approved your application, please pop an email over to [email protected] and we'll reach out to your breeder and give them a gentle nudge.

If you have any questions after speaking to a breeder or visiting them, please let us know. Likewise, if you have any questions about the process or need any help and advice, we're only ever a message away 👋

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